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No matter the size, mission, or style of your business…


Are you developing a new website? Refreshing your established site?

Looking for a reliable writer to manage your social media accounts?

Yearning to keep your blog fresh and appealing, and optimized for online searches?

Perhaps you need a script written or text for your brochure…

It all happens in the Content Elf workshop.

Below, find a March 2020 sample of the by-lined work handled by Lee of Content Elf for The DC Voice, on the timely issue of paid medical leave. If you’d like to read a sample of the many legal webpages Lee has produced for LegalZoom, take a peek at How to Copyright Your Entire Blog

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#Ready4PFL: Paid Family Leave Is Coming


General Writing

Today, online content requires the right style for mobile responsiveness and search engine visibility. The search engine’s index now  rewards writing excellence and high-quality hyperlinks. In-depth knowledge matters. Search engines are on a mission to give readers the information people really seek online.

Content Elf offers outstanding writing, stylistically and technically geared to supercharge your online profile. What’s said on your blog, in your newsletter or white paper — even your tweets — will draw visitors back for more, turning readers into clients and collaborators.

Content Elf has worked with fashion consultants, real estate agents, financial experts, restaurant owners, green energy providers, community-based and national charities, and so many more.

No matter your field or project, Content Elf can consult with you on the style to convey it, and motivate your audience.

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Medical and Dental Writing

Your field or area of innovation might seem too complex or too focused to write about for the general public. But the Elf can convey your accomplishments, your knowledge, and your offerings in a style easily grasped by your target audience.

Content Elf has successfully written for dozens of people and groups in highly technical fields.   

Immigration petitions for hospital personnel. Creative copy for dental offices. Blogs on nutrition and wellness, injury prevention, and emergency responses. Content Elf has handled all of these orders and more.

Content Elf also writes stylishly and accurately on legal, environmental, or data and security issues for hospitals and healthcare practitioners.

The Elf loves to create blog entries that touch on the lighter side of dental and medical topics (as you’ll see in this sample). Yet the writing will always abide by your field’s code of ethics and tenets of professional responsibility. 

Legal Writing

Content writer Lee Hall, founder of Content Elf, has strong credentials. Few lawyers or legal writers hold both a Master of Laws (LL.M.) and a Juris Doctorate (J.D.).

Lee has taught immigration law, legal ethics, business organizations, and environmental law.

Lee has also developed several courses for curricula approved by the American Bar Association, and handles promotional copy for a Continuing Legal Education provider.

Lee has served as a clerk for an immigration judge in Baltimore, worked in both traditional and public-service law offices, and written petitions for non-citizens in most types of immigration matters.

Today, the bulk of Content Elf’s work is produced for law firms and web-based legal services. As you might imagine, that means staying at the leading edge of just about everything legal.

Rates in this area are task-specific, to be determined through a phone consultation.

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Financial Technology Writing

The Elf is a small but committed crypto investor — holding just enough to know how fintech feels. If you’re serious about getting the word out on the potential of blockchain, let’s collaborate. For the emerging blockchain services startup arena, Content Elf has written for the web on international regulations, the social impacts of adoption of peer-to-peer currency, and cryptocurrency’s resistance to censorship, manipulation, government unrest or isolation.

Engage Content Elf in the financial advice arena, including tax impacts.Other writing experience includes high-profile hacks of exchanges and other security issues, legal actions involving cryptocurrency exchanges, and energy use in mining.

Content Elf has produced pieces on smart contract applications. The Elf has also handled pieces on blockchain and supply chains — how blockchain will ensure the integrity of product label claims.

“My first order was the ‘About Us’ page. Lee understood the importance of this page, and how it builds trust with new visitors. Now, about 90% of my site content is from Lee and the SEO traction is exceptional.”
Client: E-Commerce

Ergonomic Office Equipment

“I’ve worked with other professional copywriters on a regular basis and have felt that it was a struggle — most of the content was lacking and not compelling enough. Lee’s ability to research and understand the topics, and understand the clients’ needs, is what sets Content Elf apart and elevates it above the rest.”
Lydia Grossov

Creative Director, Expresso Design, LLC

“I thought I’d always have to write my own webpages and brochures to explain my work and its value to clients. Overnight, Lee grasped it: the field; innovations; the unique benefits offered by my business. I now have “time”—to do my work and to share knowledge.”

Client: Web Maintenance Consultant

Client: Tech

Web Maintenance Consultant

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