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The Backstory

Hello! I’m Lee Hall, owner of Content Elf LLC.

I’ve authored books, edited magazines, and am a working board member of multiple nonprofits.

I’ve represented asylees and immigrant artists—and deer and coyotes at a national park. I’ve taught at two law schools, and appeared on Court TV. (I was the one wearing the coral suit, talking about the Diane Whipple murder case.)

I’ve sung in bands, loaded aircraft, flown a Cessna, and driven a mail truck.

Most of all, I love to write. And that’s why Content Elf exists. My writing brings you to this website. Yet those other experiences help me relate to your industry, field, or situation—to enjoy learning about your work and helping to tell your story.

What Makes Content Elf Unique

I’m the only elf in this workshop, and yet I don’t work alone. Content Elf enjoys the immense good fortune of having two brilliant design and marketing advisers—the team at Expresso Design. I also rely on the expertise of professional small business mentors, and experts in fields just like yours.

Content Elf’s technical writing consultant is Barbara Rinehart, who holds an MS from Johns Hopkins University. The author of more than 60 peer-reviewed, Medline-indexed journal articles, Barb has served the American Medical Writers Association as both an officer and an instructor. Barb also served as Professional Services director for the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute before founding Rinehart Communications.

Elevate Your Contribution to the World Online

The reason to engage Content Elf is simple. Our team is here to make sure your online presence is backed with well-informed marketing strategy, and well-vetted content.

People who engage Content Elf are seeking a level of professionalism in writing that they haven’t found with other writers or online search marketing firms. Explore what other people are saying. Get an idea of how your site or project will benefit from working with Content Elf.

If you have a writing concept you’d like to discuss with me today, contact the Elf. The workshop is open. Let’s get started.

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