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Content Elf handles writing on topics from bitcoin and fintech. . . to social causes. . . to style and fashion.

You might prefer a researched, authoritative tone. Or you might need a piece that brings readers in and invites them to play a part in what you do. On this page, you’ll find the basic grammar and style elements Content Elf will bring to your online presence.

Lee, your Content Elf, has co-authored a cookbook featured by Vegetarian Times, written for magazines on social issues and culture, and worked with editors of major U.S. and Europeans newspapers to publish commentaries. Lee has also handles content marketing for:

  • Blockchain-based startups;
  • Health and green living media;
  • People planning webinars, fairs, or conferences; and
  • Creators in the arts and sciences.

Those are just a few examples. Let’s project your field, business, or mission next!

The following extract comes from Content Elf writer Lee Hall’s review of a book by a fashion consultant. A version of this sample originally appeared on a popular online book marketing site.

That’s So You!

Luxuriously imaginative? Yes. Detailed and practical? Yes!

Aimed for the successful career professional, or those who’d like to look the part, this book is full of creative ideas on how to…


Be happy with the person you are. Stop feeling judged. Feel supported.


Pick up some pro tips such as how to look good when photographed. Dress in a way that ensures comfort in winter or summer temperatures. Get objective pointers on choosing the eyeglasses that work for your face and personality.


Avoid style mistakes – or at least know the common ones, so you can judge for yourself. This is not a guidebook on “dressing for success” according to someone else’s formula.


More Than Fashion

Highlight and celebrate the natural beauty of your own individuality and kindness.

Yes, kindness is stylish; it has considerable impact on beauty and grace. (Best chapter subheading: `Do you have to be in your twenties and wafer-thin to have a vegan wardrobe?`)


This book combines a luxurious sense of imagination with practical, workshop-type details, and helps you draw from your own sources of joy to create a life-affirming personal style.


That’s So You! will bring self-confidence, grace, and thoughtfulness into acts people do regularly: going out, showing up, and interacting with others. This is fashion, but it’s much more: it’s about cultivating a confident and generous outlook on living.

I hope and expect our collaborations will uphold Content Elf's 100% client satisfaction rate.

My goal is to meet your standards and raise your expectations.

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