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Lee Hall at Content Elf:  Summary of Content Writer Experience


“Update my website content? With all that’s going on right now?”

Sometimes you just need an elf to come along and write those pages. Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Lee. My content writing expertise integrates search marketing into all popular online formats:

  • Blog entries. Topics include non-profit management, higher education, finance, environmental law and policy, gender studies…and, on the lighter side, everything from word origins to historical explorations of food and drink.
  • Webpage drafting. A popular offering from Content Elf, second only to weekly blogging packages. I’m ever mindful of the role of keywords, tags, titles, headers, and captions in drawing attention to your site.
  • Social media posts. I have initiated the social media presence and handled regular content for multiple corporations and charities.
  • Brochures, newsletters, press releases. I write compelling text to publicize upcoming webinars, media appearances, book launches, mergers, and any major projects or milestones.
  • City pages and product descriptions. Sometimes, it’s the little things. Need product descriptions, reviews, or blurbs for e-commerce? I’m your Elf.

The following is a summary of the expertise and education that informs every piece I create.

Areas of Expertise

A lawyer and a university teacher, I’m accustomed to writing styles ranging from provocative to policy-shifting, including blog and bulletin writing on:

Finance. Whether the topic at hand involves mortgage loans or international economics, I have researched and published work in your area. With an advanced degree addressing risk, climate, law, and economics, I’m equipped to write elegantly at the nexus of green tech and finance.

Green living and authentic sustainability. Solar power, energy efficiency, native gardening, vegan cooking, climate change—my knowledge is up to date on the topics, and I regularly speak on them, too.

Health and medical issues. I’ve written webpages for medical and dental services, and blogged on data management in healthcare, workplace ergonomics, diet and environmental factors, bone health, and exercise.

Higher education. As an adjunct professor, I’ve written for peer-reviewed journals and developed a wide array of courses for both online education and live presentations. I’ve written on education, economics, and politics for The Guardian—one of the top five most widely read online newspapers.

Academic proofreading and letters of recommendation. International researchers often benefit from language support. International recommendation letters do too. I proof and edit text in U.S., Canadian, British, and Australian English.

Independent publishing. I’m an author who has handled every aspect of publishing and design for e-book (Kindle) and paperback (CreateSpace) formats.

Law. Content Elf handles select, B2B law writing, mainly in asylum cases, EB1 – EB2 immigration cover letters and recommendation drafting; and in developing or promoting Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses and webinars. Some capacity for legal blogging and editing law review manuscripts, etc. Please consult the Legal Page.

Nonprofit communications. I’ve co-founded a national nonprofit’s publishing department, and directed the production of books, guides, and magazines, collaborating with design and advertising teams. I write for organizations of all styles, sizes, and scopes.

Real estate. Better writing sells homes faster. Peripheral content—on handling the mortgage loan process, or updating homes to increase their market value, or touring local attractions—matters too. Let me help rev up your online relevance—and your results.

Research. An encyclopedia writer, I’m experienced in researching and summarizing complex topics for authoritative texts. I have carried out interviews and published research for university textbooks and professional journals, and I serve as a Contributing Editor for an online news and environmental journal.

Search marketing. Need text in an industry not mentioned above, or for one special project? Persuasive text? SEO-informed text that helps you find clientele, supporters, or and collaborators?

Professional Licensing and Contributions

  • Widener University · Delaware Law: Member of the Adjunct Faculty. In 2017, completed a three-year term (unpaid) as faculty representative on the Widener Law’s Legal Studies Advisory Board.
  • Master of Laws (LL.M., summa cum laude), Vermont Law School, 2014.
  • Legal management roles (both profit and nonprofit organizations), 2002 – 2013.
  • Rutgers University · School Law, Newark: Member of the Adjunct Faculty, 2001 – 2004.
  • Member in Good Standing of the Bar of Maryland, 2000 – present.
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.), University of Maryland School of Law, 1999.
  • Presented the Public Service Award by the University of Maryland School of Law, 1999.

I hope and expect our collaborations will uphold Content Elf's 100% client satisfaction rate.

My goal is to meet your standards and raise your expectations.

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