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Blogger Packages

Social Media Fields Included in the Standard Word Count

Note: Custom fields will make up part of the overall word count of your order. Thus, longer or more custom fields may result in a shorter article body.

  • A meta title (up to 10 words unless otherwise specified in client notes, below)
  • A meta description (up to 25 words unless otherwise specified in client notes)
  • Summary (up to 75 words unless otherwise specified in client notes)
  • Tweet (about 120 characters)
  • LinkedIn summary of article (length must be specified in client notes)
  • Facebook status update summary of article (length must be specified in client notes)


Social Media Add-On

If you want to maximize the word count for you blog piece (or other item), you might find it simpler to request two add-ons with extra text for social media posts. For just $15, you will get:

  • Your copy (website, blog, etc.), as outlined in one of the above packages, prepared at or about the maximum word count.
  • Plus both a brief summary for each blog piece to announce it on social media (up to 150 words).
  • And a tweetable summary (about 120 characters).

Add-on: $15



Creating and managing content has become one of the most popular service requests. And some clients need the whole enchilada. Not that your professional service needs Pinterest, Instagram, or similar highly visual content platforms. But let’s say you’d like the basic professional accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.Content Elf, LLC can provide for you, as long as you wish to continue, regular and ongoing content for three social media accounts as described below. This package includes ACTIVE CURATION, not simply writing. For straight content production, you can roughly cut these quotes in half.

You would pay for each month of content in advance of creation. Any changes or modifications not included in the original scope of work, other than normal revisions or replacements (one per item), will require an updated Proposal of Services.

Social Media Account Management: The Whole Enchilada

  • All posts and monitoring of / engagement with Facebook page: $600
  • All posts and monitoring of / engagement with Twitter account: $600
  • One monthly post for LinkedIn page: $90

Quote (your needs may differ): $1290 monthly

How Content Creation and Curation Works: Content Elf creates, times, organizes, and presents your content in an attractive, engaging style.Original content will be added to frame “Shares” and “Retweets” of others’ social media posts, engaging others and responding to their replies, so that a following may be cultivated for your accounts. You provide the account, Content Elf curates it. Calls to action will be integrated to encourage visitors to engage with your organization through your website.

When Content Elf creates your social media updates, you are relieved of the task of coming up with regular, professionally appropriate ideas on the three social media channels. Appropriateness will generally be gauged by reviewing material on your site, and taking into account the tenor and contents of the posts offered through comparable (or competitive) social media accounts. You will see Facebook and LinkedIn posts one day prior to publication to review. Should any revisions need to be made,simply explain and Content Elf will make reasonable revisions accordingly. In the absence of feedback, your content will simply be posted, generally at this frequency:

  • Once monthly on LinkedIn;
  • Once weekly on Facebook; and
  • Twice weekly on Twitter.

Lee Hall of Content Elf is a lawyer in good standing who abides by a strict framework of professional responsibility, and will never share your sensitive information. The Client’s privacy and best interests are paramount.

Special Orders

Contact me for a quote if you need

  • Legal drafting
  • Legal research
  • Legal blog posts
  • EB1 and EB2 or NIW immigration cover letters
  • Recommendation letter drafts
  • Press releases
  • White papers
  • Pitches
  • Other non-standard items

Send a message to Content Elf with your request for any special order; you’ll receive a confirmation of your concept and a price quote within 48 hours.

Content Strategy Consultation: $60 per hour

Content Elf offers creative visualization for your online presence as well as content.

What will you strive to accomplish with your content? Are you keen on boosting your search engine ranking? Improved visibility involves researching keyword use and comparable, high-profile content. This leads naturally to a process for conceiving topics to include and develop—as well as the content itself.

Content can establish your voice, hone your style, become your signature presence on social media, and transcend search engines’ lists.

You might also seek insights on recommended platforms and the social tools to ramp up results. You might need active, hands-on social media management, and need to decide where to get active and how often to post. You might need a design team as well as a content creator for a seamless look and feel.

Any specific needs—from image sourcing to site map design to setting up special profiles for your preferred platform—can be mapped out and readied. Ask, and Content Elf will let you know if your requests can be handled here, or how we can invite further outstanding support into our collaboration. Consultation can happen completely online—or we can start with a call. The client’s preference prevails!

The rates you see on this page are expected to stay the same through 24 September 2021. That said, each client and each website has unique needs. Occasionally, price variation might occur. An agreement for current work does not necessarily constitute an agreement for the same price after our current agreement is fulfilled.

Please be sure to confirm pricing with each order. Thank you for your interest and your trust.

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