I recently had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Roulic, who co-founded nDash. Introducing itself as the world’s first content community platform, nDash connects businesses and civic groups with content writers.

There’s one reason nDash shines. In an online world where words can be bought for a dime a dozen, nDash is all about respect for content writers and writing. Its platform lets writing professionals be ourselves — linking our business websites and posting our professional pricing levels.

In other words, nDash encourages clients to relate to writers directly and authentically. It takes some impressive self-esteem for an agency to conduct business this way. Kudos.

Content as Community

People know businesses through their website and social content. This is why good web writing matters so much. nDash gets it.

So, back to the concept of the content community platform. Stephanie is creating a series of short Zoom interviews, so people can get to know content writers, and how we do what we do.

It’s in that context that Stephanie invited me to a conversation. And it was pretty elfin cool.

More soon…


Photo credit: Marvin Meyer, via Unsplash.
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