I love how the choreography of a site unfolds through collaboration with Lydia and Mauro of Expresso Design.

The best content writing I do, I do with Expresso Design, because working with a great design group means working the writing into the design itself. What happens in collaboration makes the whole of the work greater than the sum of its parts.

Working weekend: Lee of Content Elf with Lydia of Expresso Design.

Interplay: Writer and designer, and a long weekend to create and be refreshed.


And the Search Engines Are Coming Around

We have to hand it to the search engines, too. Today, they reward in-depth description, solid links, and long-tail keywords—whole phrases and variants of related phrases. In effect, the search engines now collaborate with the most artful designers and throw their support to the best writers. Good riddance to “keyword stuffing” through repetitive terms in or under the page content. Today, that nonsense is obsolete.

Search engine optimization (SEO) flows from the natural language we compose, in the collaboration on meta fields, tags, and graphics, and through steady site maintenance.

When you hire Content Elf to benefit from persuasive, informative, or expressive text, I also recommend working with a collaborative designer. This approach is especially helpful if you are completely renovating your website. Whether it’s Shopify or WordPress, writer-designer collaboration optimizes:

  • Synergetic work with key terms that the writer provides before the new text goes live, to furnish your site with a  strong SEO dynamic.
  • Writing well suited to what the designer envisions for the look and flow of the website. For example, a writer who is talking with a designer can best learn how to write so that “Read more…” moves with linguistic agility from a landing page to its own spot on the website.
  • Just the right amount of everything. Not too much or too little text on any space on the site.

Good independent writing for an existing website is entirely possible. But don’t overlook the value of collaborative interplay between writing and design.

Thanks to Barb Rinehart for suggesting I create this post. Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash.

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